How to make Minecraft PE Server accessible worldwide.

requires iOS / Android device and Static VPN IP address.


Minecraft Pocket Edition (Minecraft PE) is a great application which brings a lot of fun during playing Minecraft on your iOS or Android device. You can simply create own Minecraft PE server and invite friends to play with you. It is great if you play on a local network where all players know the Minecraft PE server IP address. But what if you want to create Minecraft PE server accessible across different networks, like playing around the world, you need to use Static VPN IP to make the server accessible worldwide.


What is the main problem?


If you run Minecraft PE server on your device, other players can connect to the server only if they know the server IP address. It is ok on local network, where server's local IP address is well known. But if you want to access the Minecraft PE server across different networks, you need to know it's public (external) IP address which you can find for example at Unfortunately this public (external) IP address is usually shared with other devices connected to Internet Service Provider (ISP) which means that the public (external) IP address is not dedicated only for your device, but for all devices behing the ISP router. It is called NAT.

That brings the main problem - there is no direct connection to your Maincraft PE server and it become invisible for other players around the world.


Minecraft PE Server + Static VPN IP = Playing worldwide


Static VPN IP service offers a simple way for getting own public (external) IP address assigned to customer's device. This public (external) IP address is dedicated only for customer's use (non-shared IP address) and it never changes in time. Only thing you need to do is to connect your device (iOS / Android) to Static VPN IP server and the device will get the external IP address immediately!

Once you have your own public (external) IP address assigned to your device, you can run the Minecraft PE Server and tell the public (external) IP address to your friends. They will be able to access your server running on your public (external) IP and play with you. This is simple way how you can run your own Minecraft PE Service and make it accessible worldwide. 



Creating Minecraft PE Server


1) Connect your iPhone, iPad or Android device to Static VPN IP first.

2) Once you connect your device to Static VPN IP, tell your friends your public (external) static IP address. They will use the IP address in order to connect to your Minecraft PE server. You can find the public static IP for example at

3) Open Minecraft PE application.

4) Create Minecraft PE game as usual.

  • Be sure, that you have enabled "Local Server Multiplayer" in Minecraft PE > Settings > Game.

​​4) Congratulations! Your public Minecraft PE Server is ready for external connections now!



Connecting to the Created Minecraft PE Server 


1) Open Minecraft PE application.

2) Tap a "Play" button.

3) Create "New" game.

4) Tap to Add External Server Icon.

5) Fill your custom name and Static VPN IP address (the public IP address of the server). You can also find this IP address in your member area. Then tap to "Add Server" and game will be created.

6) Then select your game you have created. Connection to Minecraft PE server will start shortly.

7) Now your friends are connected to your server. Enjoy this great game!